At Authored, all our boxes are made using recovered fibres, and the energy used to make them is produced using residues from the cardboard manufacturing process. The ink we use is made from soy, and everything that your product comes in is fully recyclable.

Why Aluminium

Billions of units of rigid plastic packaging are created every year for the beauty industry. Although it can be recycled and is a cheaper alternative than some materials, it ultimately leads to degradation, and with a lower reuse rate than aluminium it will eventually find its way to landfill or to our oceans. Some estimate by the middle of this century the ocean may contain more plastic by weight than it does fish. So we’ve ditched plastics wherever possible for Authored. We instead turned our focus to infinitely recyclable aluminium. Almost 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today thanks to the durability of the material, making it by far the most sustainable choice for our products. We didn’t want an aluminium coated plastic tube, like some other beauty brands do, as this prevents separation for recycling. So we invested in aluminium innovation to build bespoke tooling for our product packaging, working with AluPro to get their final nod of approval on the recyclability of our packaging. And through this we’ve brought to market a fully recyclable aluminium chamber and lid for our mascara and brow gel, so apart from the detachable inner wands – that we’re working on - every bit of packaging across our full range is 100% recyclable.


So when you’re finished with your Authored product, you can just place all the aluminium packaging into your regular recycling. And its story will continue - maybe ending up on someone else’s shelf or back on yours, in the form of another of our products.
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